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Full Moon & Mars 1/29/10 + Star Trail

So tonight I braved the extreme cold (12 F), and went out and shot a few photos of the full moon tonight. Alongside the Moon was Mars, and the dusty red planet sure was a bright red color. Overall, the photo turned out decent, except the fact that I'm limited to the "kit" lens that came with the Nikon D40. Had a few problems with focusing, and the lens fogging up, so I probably have frostbite now from being out there so long. Anyways, the Moon was at perigee tonight, which means it is at its closest distance to the Earth, since its orbit is elliptical.

Here is the best image of the night, which is composed of two images overlayed (one of Mars, one of the Moon). Image taken with Nikon D40 ISO 200, f/10, and 1/400 sec.

While I'm on the subject of astronomy/space weather, I might as well post this star trail photo I took back in September. It was a pleasant night that night, and I sat out, and took 30 sec exposure with a Canon SD750 digital camera. overlayed all the photos in PS, and blurred the image a touch to remove gaps between the stars that occurred while transitioning from one 30 sec. exposure to the next.