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6/4/10 Michigan Severe Storms

Chase Stats
SPC Outlook: SLGT
States Driven: MI
Departure City: Battle Creek, MI
Target City: Oshtemo, MI
Ending City: Battle Creek, MI
Outcome: Wall Cloud, Brief Downpours
Chase Pics: Unavailable

Not much to say here. This was your average Michigan chase-well maybe a bit better. We headed out in the afternoon, and drove over by Oshtemo. We sat there for a bit, put some rain-x on the windshield, and ate a quick supper at Culver's. The roasted chicken sandwiches are amazing! Anyways, by that time a few cells started firing over the lake, and I wanted to sit tight a little longer to see if they would mature.

As the cells came on shore, they were still just your basic cells, and nothing that stood out as "interesting" or supercellular. At that time I noticed a nice storm forming north of Hastings. We raced back on I-94 towards Battle Creek, and then headed north on I-69. Near Lansing we could begin to see the base, as well as a decent wall cloud. The wall cloud reformed several times, sometimes more prominent than others.

We followed the storm for a while through downtown Lansing where a majority of the time we just observed a wall cloud. The storm never did produce a tornado, but it's Michigan, and they are pretty rare. Overall it was a decent chase, with decent structure for Michigan. Eventually all the cells kinda merged into a blob, or went linear, and by that time it was starting to get dark, so we headed home.