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6/8/09 Chase Recap


I left Battle Creek with my Dad, and met up with Andrew Glenn over in Marshall, and headed east towards Jackson. We met up with Andrew Herron around Parma, and continued East towards Jackson, where we went South on US 127. We intercepted a storm just south of Jackson, and witnessed some pretty amazing structure, as well as nice hail shaft. We then continued South again, and decided to intercept a storm just East of Hillsdale. The storm had a nice lowering to it, with a nice inflow tail. We reported it to the NWS, and it went tornado warned shortly thereafter. We followed the storm into Adrian, and it never produced a tornado to our knowledge. It was already dark, so we rode out the storm, and then headed for home.

Full Recap:

This day looked decent according to models, not great, but then again, Michigan is not tornado country. My Dad and I left Battle Creek and headed towards Marshall. On the way, Andrew Glenn called and said to meet him at a carpool lot in Marshall. We met up with Andrew Glenn, and he hopped into my car with us. We sat in Marshall for a little bit, and waited for the storms to gain some more strength. We were in a back lot, with no other cars but us, and the visibility was great there, so we stopped to watch the storms. A cop then pulled up next to us, and asked if he had caught the biggest drug bust of the century. We laughed, and told him what we were doing, and he went on his way.

We then headed East towards Parma, and met up with Andrew Herron. The two of us continued East towards Jackson, and turned South on US 127. We were about to get hit by a storm, so we pulled off into the parking lot of a large processing plant to wait out the storm. The storm had amazing structure, and we were in a decent spot to view it. The giant towering cumulonimbus cloud was amazing, and so was the spectacular show it displayed for us. Under the base of the storm, we saw a large hail shaft, which we watched for twenty minutes or so. It was a nice bright white curtain of hail falling just to our South.

After the storm passed, we contemplated what to do next, but quickly noticed a storm building just East of Hillsdale, and decided to intercept it. The next few scans, we started to see some rotation on the SW side, so we pulled off, and watched the storm pass to our North. We watched a wall cloud, with a nice inflow tail, and called it into the NWS. Shortly thereafter the storm went tornado warned.

We continued to follow the storm all the way into Adrian, and it was getting dark, and very hard to see anything, as there was not much lightning. We decided to stop, and ride out the storm. We found another large parking lot in front of a building, and rode out the storm. The wind wasn't really that bad, I only clocked a 38.2mph gust, but the rain was torrential. We also got a little bit of pea sized hail dumped on us too. The storms started dying down, and there was no daylight left, so we decided to head home for the night.

Above is a 4-panel display of the storm showing Spectrum Width, with a max of 26.2 kts around the area of circulation. Also show is the Storm Relative Velocity, where rotation can be easily seen by the couplet. Next is the Base Reflectivity of the storm, and lastly is NROT, which tells how much a storm is rotating. This specific storm had a +0.69 NROT at this particular time.